The importance of good boat maintenance

Spain is among the countries with the highest number of cruise ships and boats arriving at its ports. More than 4,300 ships disembark in our country to enjoy the climate and the great tourist offer it has. In addition, many people have chosen to have a second home on the sea.

Maintaining a constant and daily maintenance on the vessel is vital for its durability. Any type of boat, whether it is a yacht, cruiser, boat, sailboat, etc, is affected by external factors such as dirt, rain, humidity or UV rays caused by the sun.

Not following a correct cleaning can cause damage and costly repairs. The materials can become irreparably damaged.

The boat deck

Undoubtedly, one of the areas most affected by the external factors mentioned above is the deck of the boat. Whether it is sunny or rainy, humidity is present in the environment 24 hours a day.

Apart from the humidity caused by the sea breeze, it is also exposed to dirt caused by birds or insects that may be found on board.

Thus, professionals in the marine cleaning sector study the type of boat to select the appropriate treatment for cleaning.

For this reason, the most commonly used method is by means of pressurized water. Thanks to this intervention, rust, limescale and mildew will be avoided and future repairs on fundamental parts such as the rudder or gears will be saved.

Nowadays, many ships incorporate wood in their decoration. Attention should also be paid to these details. Therefore, choose a material that is water resistant.

The cabins

One of the most frequented areas of the ship, especially in second homes and cruise ships, are the cabins or rooms. Being in permanent contact with water, many are affected by the appearance of moisture on the walls or floor.

The appearance of this can affect the health of the staff or the electrical wiring of the bedroom. For this reason, professionals carry out disinfection and cleaning work to prevent the appearance of microorganisms or unpleasant odors.

They also use non-slip and non-aggressive products to avoid damaging the boat’s upholstery or carpets.

The ship's hull and engine

As a curiosity, a cruise ship can travel 37 kilometers per hour. It is in contact with water throughout its stay. So it drags debris 24 hours a day. This affects its speed and performance. Keeping the hull clean will help the vessel’s performance.

Many companies employ divers to perform this task. However, thanks to technological advances, they have come up with machines that do the job faster.

This is Keelcrab, a remote-controlled underwater drone that performs a thorough cleaning. Thanks to its ergonomics, it is accessible to any area of the vessel and, as it has a built-in camera, it will show if there are damaged or affected areas before sailing.

As for the boat’s engines, an oil change should be carried out once a year. Also, the outer edges of the propellers should be checked for pitting.

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