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Nord Baleares is the company you need for professional window cleaning in Palma de Mallorca, which also provides service to all towns on the island. With a team of highly trained professionals and using state-of-the-art techniques and products, we guarantee an impeccable service that leaves your crystals shiny and stain-free.

Whether for your home, office, a building or any other glass space, we are dedicated to providing detailed and meticulous cleaning, ensuring your windows, mirrors and other glass surfaces look perfect.

At Nord Baleares we provide a high quality service that exceeds your expectations and improves the clarity and appearance of your crystals. Contact us today to experience the difference of professional and dedicated in-home service!

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Exceptional window and glass cleaning

The cleanliness of a building depends to a large extent on the cleanliness of its windows. And not only in them, but also in the canopies, arches, vaults or curtain walls that accompany the interior or exterior windows of a building. As a cleaning company services in Mallorca, At Nord Baleares we provide a complete cleaning service for all the windows in a building, both in the industrial and commercial sector as well as in private homes.

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Professional window cleaning company

Keeping windows clean and shiny on a regular basis not only provides a more positive overall view of a building, but also gives occupants and visitors, whether they are employees, customers or neighbours, a healthier perception of the environment and an impression of appreciation.

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Window cleaning services for

Cleaning high-rise windows with rigorous safety measures

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Our services for cleaning windows in Mallorca

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Questions about professional window cleaning service in Mallorca

At Nord Baleares, we are specialized in cleaning a wide variety of windows in Mallorca, ensuring an impeccable finish in each service. We use specialized techniques and products to ensure that each type of glass is impeccable and stain-free, providing a superior quality service.

The types of glass we clean include:

  • Residential and commercial windows: both interior and exterior, regardless of size or height.
  • Glass entry doors, sliding doors and shower doors.
  • Shop windows and display cases in stores, businesses and shopping centers.
  • Glass partitions in offices and space divisions.
  • Glazing on terraces, greenhouses, glazed enclosures and glass structures.
  • Buildings with glass facades for residential or commercial use.

At Nord Baleares, we offer home window cleaning services to a wide variety of clients, ensuring a professional service adapted to the needs of each home. Our services are available for:

  1. Owners of single-family homes in houses, chalets, bungalows, apartments and flats of any size.
  2. Neighborhood communities in glazed common areas with glass windows or doors.
  3. Glass surfaces in sports facilities such as gyms, indoor swimming pools and stadiums.
  4. Windows, entrance doors and glass surfaces in common areas of restaurants and hotels.
  5. Home cleaning service in public buildings such as schools, universities, hospitals and government offices.
  6. Glazed surfaces in industrial plants, factories and department stores.

Nord Baleares is a company specialized in cleaning windows at height. We have a highly trained and equipped team to carry out this type of work, guaranteeing both the quality of the service and the safety of our operators. The security measures we use include:

  • Personal protective equipment (PPE): Our technicians use harnesses, helmets, gloves and safety footwear specific for working at height.
  • Our staff receive ongoing training in safety and working at height procedures, ensuring they are up to date with best practices and regulations.
  • We carry out regular inspections and maintenance of all our access and protection equipment to ensure its optimal and safe operation.
  • Before starting any work, we carry out a detailed risk assessment to identify and mitigate any potential hazards.
  • We have defined emergency procedures and we train our staff in their application to respond effectively in the event of incidents.

At Nord Baleares, safety is our top priority. We ensure that we comply with all occupational health and safety regulations to provide an efficient and safe high-rise window cleaning service.

At Nord Baleares, we offer total flexibility in the frequency of our window cleaning services in Mallorca to adapt to the needs and preferences of our clients. Frequency options we offer include:

  • Deep spot cleaning, perfect for special events or sporadic maintenance.
  • Monthly cleaning to keep your windows always clean and sparkling with a regular service each month.
  • Quarterly cleaning, recommended for those who want a balance between frequent cleaning and cost of the service.

Additionally, we offer customized cleaning plans to suit each client’s specific needs, including more frequent frequencies if necessary. Whether you need a one-off cleaning or regular maintenance, at Nord Baleares we are here to make sure your windows always look spotless.

The cost per hour of a professional window and glass cleaning service can vary depending on several factors, such as the type of glass, its height and access, the condition of the surfaces to be cleaned and the specific location in Mallorca.

We recommend that you contact Nord Baleares to evaluate your project and offer you a detailed and competitive quote.

Find out how we can help you keep your crystals spotless and sparkling!