Cleaning and maintenance company in Mallorca

Team with 25 years of experience

Nord Baleares is a company specialised in the cleaning, sanitisation and maintenance of all types of spaces. Our cleaning services, offered both in Mallorca and in the rest of the Balearic Islands, will provide you with a professional team, with more than 25 years of experience in the cleaning and sanitation sector, and an impeccable result.

Within our extensive catalogue of services we offer our clients a complete cleaning and disinfection treatment for any sector: hotels, businesses, industrial warehouses or shops.

Work that meets customer expectations

Our motivation is the quality of our services. A work that is so meticulous and competent that it fully satisfies all of our customers’ expectations.

We are talking about hygiene: an indispensable and necessary element in the day-to-day running of every business, essential in areas where responsibility must be paramount, such as in the food industry or healthcare facilities. Hygiene is the maximum exponent of the quality of a service and the most representative image of a place.

Advanced techniques and treatments

That is why we offer you a professional and expert team with extensive experience in sanitation and cleaning. 

Competent workers who use advanced techniques in cleaning treatments. They carry out the sanitising work in the shortest possible time, with a budget completely adjusted to your needs, and putting at your disposal the most advanced machinery and the best adapted products: from traditional methods to disinfection with ozone for the complete purification of the air.


Cleaning and maintenance services throughout the Balearic Islands

Guarantee of a complete cleaning and disinfection service in Mallorca:

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