Facade cleaning in Mallorca

Facades of private dwellings

To avoid the devaluation, the feeling of deterioration and the gloomy effect of a poorly maintained facade, our technical team of cleaners in Mallorca guarantees a scrupulous work, guaranteeing all the security and protection measures required by the regulations, and exquisite when it comes to returning the renovated image of the exterior of your building.

limpieza de fachadas en mallorca

Shop and office fronts

Keeping the façade of a building in perfect condition is of vital importance for businesses and homes. The external image of a building is often exposed to the imponderables: Uncontrollable weather conditions such as water and ultraviolet radiation from the sun seriously damage the appearance of the façade.

Factors that wear down facades

Get a shiny finish with our facade high cleaning

empresa para pulir suelos en isla de mallorca

At NordBaleares we are professionals in office cleaning. For this reason we do not use annoying and uncomfortable structures that could endanger neighbours or passers-by, focusing our technique on the so-called “high cleaning”: machinery and extendable poles capable of reaching a height of more than 20 metres.

servicio de acristalamiento y pulido de suelos

Our facade cleaning service in Mallorca covers: façades, verandas, exterior terraces, balconies and windows. 

Our complete facade cleaning service in Mallorca also extends to the rest of the Balearic Islands. A facelift of your building brings enormous advantages.

Advantages of our facade cleaning service

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