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Cleaning of solar panels in industrial installations

At Nord Baleares, as a solar panel cleaning company, we believe that maintenance is not only a detail to be taken into account for the proper functioning of the system, but a necessity. Our 25 years of experience in the cleaning sector have made us adapt and renew ourselves constantly.

We use the latest and most effective solar panel cleaning equipment on the market. For this reason, we recommend regular cleaning to contribute to greater energy savings and proper functionality of the panels.

Cleaning of solar panels in solar farms and solar parks

Solar panels are elements that are constantly exposed to meteorological factors and can affect their functionality. For this reason, we use the most effective solar panel cleaning products on the market.

Using solvents or detergents can damage the electrical mechanisms. Our team of professionals has the necessary mechanisms to make your panel shine like the first day. In addition, we use osmosis water to avoid limescale stains on the surface.

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The benefits of cleaning solar panels

Maintaining the correct cleaning of solar panel glazing not only provides a more positive overall view of the space, it also prevents energy production from dropping or the system from stopping working, as poor management can result in losses of up to 15% of its performance.

Regular cleaning will help to capture much more photovoltaic or thermal energy and to keep the receivers operating at their peak performance. It is important that this task is carried out by professionals in the sector so as not to jeopardise the durability of the panels.

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Solar panel cleaning and sanitising service

Frequently asked questions

You can use a soft cloth with diluted soap and osmosis water to prevent limescale. However, we recommend having experts in the sector to carry out a more thorough cleaning so that its efficiency is not affected.

The price of the service depends on many factors. For example, the size of the solar panel system, the type, the location or the labour. Therefore, the experts at Nord Baleares will give you a quotation based on your needs.

When checking and cleaning the solar panels, there may be other malfunctions that were not foreseen, so we must take this into account for the quotation.

Solar thermal panels: These panels are used to obtain thermal energy. Thanks to the solar radiation and the heating of the water, the house will generate energy. This type of panel is mainly used for heating and domestic hot water.

Photovoltaic solar panels: These are characterised by the fact that they generate energy by means of solar radiation through the conductive materials of which the solar panels themselves are made. These panels can be used for any system that feeds any type of installation that requires electrical energy.

To keep the performance of your solar panels as good as the first day you have to maintain a constant cleaning every 3-6 months. It is very important to remove any accumulation of dirt, leaves or dust.

For this reason, the experts at Nord Baleares will check all external and intrinsic factors in order to carry out a much more thorough and efficient maintenance of the installations.

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