Ozone machines installation in Mallorca and Balearic Islands

Eliminates viruses, fungi and bacteria

The WHO (World Health Organisation) has stated that ozone is the most powerful disinfectant that exists against Coronavirus.

This gas also guarantees the complete elimination of all types of microorganisms, bacteria, fungi, spores and allergens, ensuring the total purification of the air of bad smells and fumes.

Ozone generators are one of the most popular hygiene and disinfection products.

Ensures cleanliness of microorganisms in:

What are the functionalities of ozone generators?

Installation of ozone machines and ozone generators in Mallorca

At Nord Baleares we install ozone machines in Mallorca, and we extend our activity to the rest of the Balearic Islands. We also have portable and fixed machinery for the treatment of air or water, and controlled environmental shock treatments for installation in:

Our types of ozone machines and ozone generators

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