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The cleaning and disinfection of a kitchen is essential for the safety and health of people. All products used in the preparation of food, storage spaces, materials and instruments, kitchen utensils and tools used must ensure perfect cleanliness and disinfection.

In this sense, kitchens, both in private homes and in catering businesses, must guarantee the most scrupulous hygiene measures to ensure compliance with public health rules and regulations.

Disinfection and cleaning of industrial kitchens

We use ecological disinfectant products to clean and disinfect workbenches, cutting boards, utensils, surfaces and small appliances where food handlers carry out their work for customers in restaurants, bars and cafeterias. We also sanitise and disinfect the hot areas of kitchens: ovens and hobs. We remove burnt grease and all types of organic waste, thus preventing food contamination. We take care of the crockery and kitchenware, washing utensils, crockery, cold rooms, automatic machines, dishwashers, extractor hoods and smoke extractors.

Disinfection and cleaning of restaurant kitchens

Nord Baleares offers a specific thorough kitchen cleaning service in Mallorca and the rest of the Balearic Islands. Our commitment to quality work offers you professional features adapted to the highest demands:

We sanitise, clean and disinfect every surface, tool, container or utensil in kitchens dedicated to catering. Our cleaning and disinfection programme complies with Royal Decree 3484/2000, which establishes hygiene standards for the preparation, distribution and trade of ready meals.

Characteristics of our kitchen cleaning service in Mallorca

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