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The Port of Palma is one of the first in the Mediterranean to receive tourist cruises and an international reference for ship repairs. The Balearic Islands are the most important islands in terms of boat movement. That is why our boat cleaning professionals in Mallorca have a special training.


Boats are subjected to a multitude of external agents that can deteriorate its elements or machinery and can affect the health of its occupants. In this sense, Nord Baleares offers a complete cleaning and disinfection service for boats and yachts. A scrupulous work of cleaning, by experts, with a final result of quality.


The deck of a sailboat is a place where the corrosive effect of UV rays, rain, dirt, salt water humidity, fungi or rodent and bird activity can cause unique deterioration coupled with costly repairs.

We guarantee quality work and 100% customer satisfaction.

Achieve absolute disinfection in any space that requires it.

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Discover our hull cleaning system: Keelcrab Sail One

Cleaning the hull of a boat is always one of the biggest headaches for its owners. At Nord Baleares we know this. That is why we have incorporated to our company the most advanced solution available in the market: Keelcrab.

It is a remote-controlled underwater drone that carries out a deep and professional cleaning of the hull of the boat, which guarantees the best conditions for navigation.

Another of its advantages is that it will allow us to inspect the less accessible area of the boat, the hull, thus also being able to discover any type of erosion or damage before sailing.

And, of course, it is also a much more economical solution than beaching or cleaning with divers.

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