Cleaning of tourist flats in Majorca

Facades of private dwellings

We provide a complete cleaning and disinfection service for tourist flats in Mallorca, which we also extend to the rest of the Balearic Islands.

We offer a complete professional cleaning service based on more than 25 years of experience in the sanitation and disinfection of tourist flats:

Shop and office fronts

Cleanliness and disinfection is one of the most important and valued aspects for customers of tourist flats, especially in post-pandemic times, key moments to regain the trust and confidence of customers and users as an example of safety and hygiene. Keeping the different accommodations in perfect hygienic and sanitary conditions is key to take care of guests, get positive reviews that attract more tourism and provide welfare, confidence and security to customers so that their experience in your tourist facilities is entirely positive and satisfactory.

This is our flat cleaning and disinfection service.

Our special protocol for hygiene and disinfection in tourist flats

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