Solar panels: the definitive guide to their proper functioning

More and more smart and sustainable houses are being built in Spain. Interest in home automation is growing. So much so that it is estimated that by 2024, 20% of homes, whether newly manufactured or existing, will have some connected device.

Photovoltaic solar energy has also undergone a radical change in our country. According to the latest data published by Red Eléctrica, electricity production through solar panels now represents 8.1% of the total produced in Spain.

As a source of energy that is increasingly used in businesses and homes, good maintenance is necessary to ensure that its performance is not affected. A dirty or dusty solar panel can reduce its performance by between 8% and 15%, resulting in significant electricity losses, especially during periods of low light.

The importance of cleanliness

A solar panel is exposed 24 hours a day to external factors. To water if it rains, to leaves if there is wind, and to solar radiation on a hot day.

Although rainwater can do a cleaning job, there may be traces of dirt such as mud embedded in the panels.

The simplest and most effective way to do this is to use a bucket with clean water, household soap and a sponge. Once cleaned with the soap, rinse again with clean water and then dry with a cotton cloth.

Using solvents or detergents can damage the electrical mechanisms. Our experts in solar panel cleaning have the necessary mechanisms to make your panel shine like the first day. In addition, we use osmosis water to avoid limescale stains on the surface.

Periodic cleaning will help to capture much more photovoltaic or thermal energy and to make the receivers work at their maximum performance. It is important to have that task done by professionals in the industry so as not to jeopardize the durability of the plates.

Maintenance tips:

To achieve a good performance of the solar panels and to keep them as the first day, it is necessary to have a constant cleaning. Professionals recommend to do it every 3 to 6 months. This is enough time for dirt, dust and leaves to accumulate.

If you want to do it on your own, you have to keep in mind the schedule. The best times to do it are either in the morning when the sun is not too strong, or in the late afternoon. It is important to do it when the sun is not at its maximum splendor, since it heats the plates a lot and you can suffer small burns.

How much does it cost?

When someone hires a solar panel cleaning service, they have to take into account that the price depends on many factors. For example, the number of panels in the area. The higher the cleaning volume, the higher the price will be. Also, thanks to the checks that the cleaning professionals do, they can detect if there are any faults that can be repaired.

The price will also depend on the type of installation. That is to say, if it has been carried out according to the quality standards.

For that reason, from Nord Baleares we make a budget based on all the necessities that are presented.

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