Post construction cleaning in Mallorca

limpieza de fachadas en mallorca

Cleaning, sanitisation and sanitation

At Nord Baleares we are experts in the deep and complete cleaning and sanitisation of any space or room after the execution of a construction project. Our work consists of thoroughly sanitising every corner, ensuring that users enter the building or office in the most suitable conditions of usability and hygiene. A scrupulous work in guarantee of a complete sanitation of punctual works (related to events, leisure premises or small businesses), new construction or integral reforms.

abrillantado de suelos en mallorca

Full professional cleaning service

The completion of a major or minor construction project generates a multitude of debris, dirt, dust and waste from the use of heavy machinery or tools used by the workers.

This is why we offer our services, as well as in Mallorca, in the rest of the Balearic Islands.

Full end-of-site cleaning service

servicio limpieza fin de obra en mallorca

Your comfort and peace of mind is our top priority. For this reason, we use the most suitable and environmentally friendly cleaning products, as well as the most advanced equipment and tools on the market. Only in this way is it possible to provide a complete service comprising the following milestones:

The construction companies we work for find in Nord Baleares an efficient, fast and safe response to the impeccable finish of their projects. In the same way, home and business refurbishments rely on us to provide them with a powerful cleaning service that takes care of the final phase of a project: its neat and hygienic presentation.

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